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iSolutionsAI Services:

  • Custom Machine Learning Models
  • Custom Language Model Integrations
  • Custom AI Chatbots
  • Custom Learning Companions
  • Custom Community Companions
  • Sales Companions
  • Marketing Companions
  • Brand Declaration Prompts
  • Product Messaging Prompts
  • Persona Prompt Development
  • Custom Execution Enviornments

Let's work together

"I highly recommend Cris as a trusted business partner and innovative strategist. Cris's expertise in AI and ChatGPT technologies has been instrumental in driving tangible results for our organization. His deep understanding of our business objectives and ability to craft tailored solutions sets him apart. Cris's collaborative approach, professionalism, and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to any organization. It's been a privilege working with Cris, and I have no doubt that his contributions in AI will continue to make a positive impact."
Matt Tandy
Sr Manager, Global Product Content Manager at 3M
"Cris and his team have been supporting us on our ML/AI exploration journey. I just had to call-out the iSolutions team for being such a great partner. Cris and his team really care about the success of our projects, and I appreciate Cris’s thought leadership in the AI space. His support and knowledge has allowed us to move much faster than we otherwise would have in our exploration."
"We collaborated with the team at iSolutionsAI on an a few artificial intelligence-driven projects and they demonstrated exceptional expertise and thought leadership in the AI industry, which significantly contributed to the success of our projects. Their innovative ideas and deep understanding of the technology enabled us to seamlessly integrate AI into our applications, resulting in improved efficiency and decision-making capabilities. Their passion for AI and ability to stay ahead of industry trends make them an invaluable partner for any organization looking to leverage artificial intelligence safely and effectively."
Taylor Erickson
Chief Information Officer at Treace Medical Concepts, Inc.