• Custom Machine Learning Models
  • Custom Language Model Integrations
  • AI Chatbots
  • Learning Companions
  • Community Companions
  • Sales Companions
  • Marketing Companions
  • Brand Declaration Prompts
  • Product Messaging Prompts
  • Persona Prompt Development
  • Custom Execution Enviornments

Chatting With Documents: iSolutionsAI helps businesses convert documents into a form that a computer can easily analyze, enabling users to ask questions about the content and retrieve specific information. This can improve efficiency and make it easier to find and interact with information.

Chat with Your Data: Similar to the previous case, iSolutionsAI builds systems so users to interact with their proprietary data in a conversational manner. This can offer a new level of insights and decision-making power, as users can ask questions about trends, outliers, and correlations within their data as naturally as they would ask a colleague.

Customizing AI for Your Business: iSolutionsAI helps businesses tailor AI models to understand and provide information specific to their organization. This can be used for customer service chatbots, training programs, help systems, and sales tools that benefit from precise responses based on business-specific knowledge.

Creating Content with AI: iSolutionsAI helps businesses build AI systems can be used to create content, such as generating product descriptions, which can streamline the process and ensure consistency and compliance. This can bring about significant productivity improvements in business operations.

Language Services Powered by AI: iSolutionsAI builds systems that can be used for language translation, assessing the accuracy of the translation, and even creating customized voice clones for various purposes such as training materials, explainer videos, or marketing campaigns.

Sales Assistants: iSolutionsAI helps businesses use AI to streamline and enhance various aspects of sales operations, such as transcribing and summarizing conversations, suggesting actions based on client responses and market trends, and managing tasks that traditionally require substantial human effort and time.

Need-Solutions Pairing: iSolutionsAI uses semantic distance techniques to help businesses match customer needs with business offerings, like a smart matchmaking service within business systems. These AI systems can analyze customer needs, compare them with available offerings, and suggest the most suitable options.

AI Image Generation: iSolutionsAI leverages Generative AI to help businesses create images aligned with their design style, in order to automate the creative process, maintain brand consistency, stimulate new design ideas, and evolve to meet changing requirements.

AI Agents: AI agents can autonomously achieve high-level objectives, breaking them down into manageable tasks and figuring out how to achieve each one. They operate around the clock, handle large volumes of work, and provide valuable insights by analyzing vast amounts of data.

...and endless other business applications for AI.

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