Jimmy Kimmel Live! Take the “Show on the Road”

As part of an ongoing relationship with Jimmy Kimmel Live!, iSolutions was contracted to help build a custom app to assist the show as it re-located to Austin, TX for a week-long stay at the SXSW festival in 2014.

Since experiencing success using FileMaker to manage their Security and Charity databases, the travel team at JKL wanted to see if FileMaker could be a solution helping take on the monstrous task of “taking the show on the road.”

Jimmy Kimmel had been using a spreadsheet to manage all the information for moving 200+ staff members from Hollywood, CA to Brooklyn for a previous travel show week.

Managing the arrivals and departures of the staff flights with the hotel rooms was a nightmare in Excel; any travel delays or changes would not always cascade correctly to all parties and only one person could be working on the travel plans at a time. Hotels room booking is a tough enough task for 200+ people in one week, but because of special relationships with hotels and rates, travel staff needed to have constant visibility on room rates and whether room blocks have already been filled.