iSolutions Creates Security Checkin and Charity Ticket Request Systems for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show needed a way to manage guest arriving at their studio location along with a way to manage charity ticket requests. They turned to iSolutions and FileMaker to help.

They reached out to iSolutions to build them two different databases using FileMaker 13 and its new features. They requested a database for managing arrivals to their building which was called the “Security” database as well as a database to help manage ticket requests from charities called the “Ticket Request” system.

Previously, their staff were keeping track of the charity ticket requests on a spreadsheet, which meant a lot of duplicate data entry. They could not easily see what stage each request was in and there was no way for people to make a request and have the information they enter already be in the spreadsheet.

Also, users needed to send out various documents via email and they wanted a system to automate all this.

iSolutions built both databases as well as corresponding php web applications in less than 10 days and delivered them one day after the launch of FileMaker.

The Ticket Request database allows the requesters to make ticket requests using a web browser and have the data added in ‘real time’ to the database. This means the data is waiting for the user to process the requests while not having to enter data that the requester has already entered. All of this done via a web browser and added immediately to the database.

The requests are grouped by stage allowing the user to quickly see what requests need attention to make it easy for administrators to not let anything slip through the cracks.

The database includes:

PHP form

Search as you type lists for the contacts involved in the request

Approval and denial emails along with the attached PDF of the ticket voucher

Each stage of the request is tracked and the request are grouped by the status

When a request is made an alert email is sent to the user

The scanned code will verify the visitor in the database and send a confirmation email to the person expecting the visitor.

The system allows JKL to streamline the security process, verify the identity of the visitors and notify the person expecting the guest with limited human interaction.

iSolutions also created a php-based web form for requesting security clearance for visitors, shows guests and other talent associated with the show.

JKL staff can log into the web application and make their request for any number of visitors. They can request visitor clearance for one day or a range of days for long term staffers. The web form collects the request

The database also make use of brand new technology in FileMaker 13 in the form of QR code scanning, iPad interfaces and Popovers. It also makes use of php using FileMaker Server 13 and kept the development time of all components down to less than two weeks while staying well within the client’s desired budget.

The system also contains a robust php-based interface that allows anyone requesting tickets for their charity to make the request online.

In the past, these requests came in through email and were managed manually through a spreadsheet. This cumbersome process required too much time and energy on an already short-staffed department.

iSolutions created a php front end for the database that could be sent to anyone requesting tickets. They would fill out the form and their information would be added automatically to the database.

The administrative user would then be notified via email and could log into the database to approve the request.

Then, the organization would hold their event and award the tickets to a bidder. That person used to have to contact JKL to request the dates to attend the show.

Now, iSolutions created a php-based form to allow them to login with their ticket id and sort through the available show dates and pick which who’s they wanted to attend. This process was manual before the web application and wasted a lot of valuable time.

Now, the system is almost completely automated and internal JKL staff are no longer spread thin trying to accommodate these requests.

Also, the ticket request system automatically adds the attendee to the security system to that they will have a pass to get into the building when they arrive for their show.

All of this made possible through FileMaker and php.