iSolutions brings USC Football recruiting to iOS

The University of Southern California Football Program adopted the use of FileMaker Pro databases to mange their recruiting process. Logging information on prospects into one location.

Under the guidance of FileMaker champion and Special Teams Coach, John Baxter, USC has implemented a customized FileMaker database to help manage the players on the team all aspects of recruiting new players and decided they wanted to take their information mobile on iPads rather than printed binders that coaches used for recruiting trips.

With this system in place, the new coaching staff ranked and astounding #4 overall in signing day recruiting scoring, even in a year where their scholarships and bowl games have been limited by NCAA sanction due to infractions from a previous coaching staff.

The next step in 2011 was to make these FileMaker databases mobile. This campaign started with purchasing a new iPad2 for every member of the USC Football coaching staff.

Cris Ippolite, from iSolutions, has been working closely with the staff helping develop the FileMaker databases currently in use. Cris was selected to help configure each iPad with various apps including FileMaker Go for mobile access to their recruiting system.

The new system is now in the hands of every coach as they travel throughout the country on their 2011 recruiting visits.

With the help of iPads and FileMaker Go, the USC Football program remains at the top of their class with recruiting methods and technology- putting them on pace for an even more impressive recruiting class in 2012.