iSolutions creates “Prospective Bidders Web Application” for Cal State Universities

Cal State Universities had been using FileMaker for many years to manage storage of their Prospective Bidders Application information.

CSU depended on manual management of vendor qualification applications and wanted to consolidate into one FileMaker-based database with a php Browser-based front end.

CSU reached out to iSolutions to help them design and build a new system that would help them manage vendor application data and allow external vendors to add and edit their own information via a password protected site rather than fill out hard copy forms and mail them in for transcription.

Their goal with the new system was to get updated information on all contractors into their database. Every year contractors must submit updated information on themselves to CSU. This process is very time consuming and often requires multiple back & forth conversations between CSU and the contractors.

iSolutions created a php-based web interface to talk to their existing backend database. Once a contractor logs in, the contractor can update all the information that CSU requires. They can even come back several times in order to gather the required documents and financial details. The system allows them to log in 24 hours a day to update their info and upload up a dozen or more documents.

The data and the uploaded files are automatically linked to their database. So, now the users can just manage the database and automatically send reports to contractors who need to update their info rather than deal with mounds of paper forms and the risk of errors on transcription.

With the FileMaker/php system in place, CSU can save countless man hours from data entry to requests for contractor documentation in an already understated department.