iNtuition from iSolutionsAI

Introducing Intuition: A New AI Execution Environment

We are excited to let you all know that our team in the iSolutionsAI lab has been diligently working since last year on something revolutionary:

Intuition – our new AI execution environment designed for secure, multi-user data analysis and insights, all safely operated behind your firewall.

This environment integrates:

  • Professional user personas, tailored specifically to your teams
  • Custom prompts templates crafted for your unique use cases
  • Cleaned and enriched internal data sources
  • A robust execution environment with access to hundreds of Python data science libraries

Intuition facilitates connections to data sources such as SQL and FileMaker, external APIs like Shopify or QuickBooks, and orchestrates complex workflows with your preferred language model—whether it be cloud-based, open source, or even a cluster of models.

It empowers your team to chat with your business data, visualize results, extract insights using AI, and even compile comprehensive report documents.

Our dedicated team will handle everything from auditing your data and defining personas to customizing prompt templates for accurate and meaningful responses.

Security and compliance are top priorities for us. iNtuition leverages robust security features, such as encryption at rest and in transit, ensuring that all data is securely handled. We comply with major standards like SOC 1, 2, and 3, ISO 27001, and HIPAA, among others. This means you can be confident that the platform meets rigorous security and privacy requirements, protecting both student and faculty data.

The environment is containerized, ensuring easy deployment in your cloud or on-premises stack, with our support in configuration and maintenance.

Designed for seamless integration into existing applications, Intuition is optimized as a custom solution that you own and can develop further to future-proof your business.

We are currently deployed in various customer environments. 

With only a 2-month onboarding period, Intuition is set to bring the future of AI into your business today.

Unlock your organization’s true potential with data-driven insights. We invite organizations interested in a test flight to reach out.

Try our custom Intuition GPT below 👇 

Free for existing ChatGPT Plus users! Sign up now to ask any question about iNtuition and even try it out!

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