Mountainview Homes’ Interactive Floor Plans in FIleMaker Web Viewers

Mountainview Homes uses FileMaker to track many aspects of their custom home building business. They use Floor Plans for their homes when they work with their customers and like to show different objects of the home in place on each floor plan. Some of these objects include, furniture, appliances and fixtures.

Users of the existing FileMaker system wanted to be able to integrate interactive Floor Plans with the ability to add and position objects on each plan.

These plans would then be saved in their FileMaker database and could even be printed or saved as PDF.

The Plans can then be recalled at a later date and modified by users interacting with a web viewer on the FileMaker layout.

iSolutions was contacted to their innovation in the use of HTML and JavaScript inside FileMaker web viewers. This technology was a perfect fit for what Mountainview wanted.

The client wanted to be able to store, load, and change interior designs for a clients build out, within their in-house FileMaker Pro system.

To do all this visually, required SVG images and pinpoint accuracy of placed items. All this technology is not available within FileMaker Pro natively.

iSolutions used FileMaker’s built-in web viewer to create custom html / javascript that allows moving, placement, and rotation of items within the database.

iSolutions loaded all the css and javascript assets into the database and called them via calculations we used to construct the HTML.

iSolutions allowed them to control everything from the zoom levels to the selection and placement of the objects, all through a FileMaker interface.

Even though we created a complete HTML and javascript system for them, all of it was built into FileMaker’s native tools with no need for plugins or any third party components.

Just native FileMaker calculations that not only work on the desktop, but on web direct and on iPads and iPhones as well.