Law firm turns to FileMaker to streamline jury selection process

Solutions was approached by an attorney wanting to invest in a software tool that would give him a competitive edge . He had a clear vision of what he wanted, had not found an existing solution that fit that vision, and had done enough research to determine that FileMaker Pro could be a powerful and economical solution.

The time-consuming hassle of collecting and synthesizing notes is eliminated . What sets this solution apart, and the reason FileMaker Pro is so uniquely suited, is the ability to connect computers and people, even in the courtroom . With a personal wireless router and a regular version of FileMaker Pro, a team of up to 5 can collaborate even if outside internet access is not allowed in the court- room .

A court case can be won or lost before the opposing attorneys even have a chance to make their opening arguments .

Voir Dire (jury selection) is the process by which attorneys research and interview potential jurors from a pool, with the goal of striking (eliminating) potential jurors they believe might be biased against them and favoring jurors they believe might be sympathetic .

It is a highly competitive phase of a trial, becoming even more prominent recently with more powerful research tools and psychological studies . Legal teams sometimes utilize jury selection consultants, who specialize in this field entirely.

The custom solution iSolutions built provides real-time multi-user collaboration, based on a shared database built in FileMaker Pro . By centralizing all data in real-time, the legal team can dramatically streamline the collaborative process, helping them make better decisions faster .

We created a summary document describing the application with feature profiles and that PDF can be downloaded here.