Home goods company manages inventory with FileMaker

Sien + Co purchases handwoven materials to sell as knitwear and home good products. They purchase from multiple vendors and sell through multiple channels. Their top need was to understand their inventory levels, in-production merchandise, and outstanding payments.  They needed a way to centralize the data which was distributed over several Google Sheets and Docs.

– Centralize Inventory Data

– Improve Visibility to Inventory, Orders, and Payments

– Track Communication between Customers, Sien + Co, and Vendors

iSolutions was tasked with creating an application for monitoring and updating inventory, customer orders, and purchase orders. 

A FileMaker application was created to keep track of all inventory. New items can be added and set as active or inactive depending on the season. A distinction can be made about whether inventory is active for vendor shows or not.  Inventory counts automatically increment and decrement as customer and purchase orders are placed, giving instantaneous visibility to inventory. Customer and purchase orders can be created, and payment and shipping information tracked. 


– Centralized all inventory and order information, eliminating the need of Google Sheets and Google Docs

– Eliminated double orders caused by lack of communication with customer and vendors; an order now goes through a process with tracking of communication at key points

– Better visibility to inventory metrics driving better decisions around ordering