Hollywood actor uses FileMaker to manage script reads

Just after the release of FiIeMaker Go, iSolutions was contacted by a Hollywood actor who had previously been a frequent user of FileMaker.

The actor (we will call him “Andy”), wanted to be create a custom app that would run in his new iPad. He wanted to be able to load PDF scripts on to the app and also have fields where he could rate the scripts and provide his comments.

There were other apps on the market but since he understood how powerful a custom application platform could be over a rigid app created for a mass audience, he wanted his to be created in FileMaker.

Creating his app in FileMaker also made it possible for him to share the custom app.

Once the app was finished, he invested in a Mac Mini and a copy of FileMaker Server and installed the server at his home. His assistant then had a copy of FileMaker Pro installed on her laptop and she could log into the server anytime a new script came in and she would create a new record for it in the app and upload the PDF script. This way, Andy never had to check his email for a script, he always just went to his custom app.

Since Andy had previous FileMaker experience, he is able to add new fields when needed and even change things around on the app without having to know any formal programming language.