Cosmopolitan manages penthouse inventory on FileMaker

When The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was searching for an inventory management solution for their Boulevards Penthouses, they turned to FileMaker and iSolutions to meet their unique business requirements.

The butler team that manages, services and maintains the Penthouses was using a rudimentary inventory ‘system’ of folders on on a single PC that contained numerous spreadsheets, images, and PDF files. When an item was reported as damaged or missing, someone needed to go to that PC, which may have already been in use, then scan through numerous folders and documents to determine whether the item should be repaired or replaced.

As you can imagine, this was a time consuming and frustrating process.

In their search for a solution to the scattered information and manual processes, The Cosmopolitan looked to FileMaker to centralize inventory-related data and automate inventory issue reports from the housekeeping team, who uses the app on iPads to review penthouse inventory items and report issues.

Cosmopolitan management utilizes the new app on their desktop PCs to review issues and related reports, and to rapidly assess problems and make business decisions.