Our Mission

At iSolutionsAI, we believe that the unique DNA of your business—encompassed by your people, workflows, methodologies, and proprietary data—holds the key to transformative growth and market leadership.

Our mission is to harness this unique business DNA, blending over 25 years of custom application development expertise with cutting-edge AI technology, to create bespoke AI solutions that are as unique as your business.

By integrating your proprietary methodologies and data into finely tuned AI architectures, we empower you to not just adopt AI, but to lead with it, turning the technology of tomorrow into your competitive advantage today.

In a landscape where late adoption can mean lost opportunity, iSolutionsAI stands as your strategic partner, ensuring that your AI implementations amplify human capabilities, drive operational efficiencies, and secure your position at the forefront of your industry.

We’re not just building AI solutions; we’re future-proofing your business, making the tech of tomorrow your differentiator today—all owned by you.

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Our Process


 What makes iSolutionsAI different from other AI service providers?

At iSolutionsAI, we specialize in creating bespoke AI solutions that are deeply integrated with your business’s unique methodologies, processes, and proprietary data. Unlike generic AI service providers, our approach—MethodologyAI—ensures that our AI implementations are customized to enhance your specific business operations, offering a competitive advantage that is uniquely yours.

How does iSolutionsAI use my company’s data?

Your company’s data is the cornerstone of our AI solutions. We leverage your proprietary data, combining it with our AI models to create a tailored solution that reflects your business’s unique DNA. This process ensures that the AI solution we develop not only understands but also amplifies the specific attributes that set your business apart.

Can iSolutionsAI help if we’re new to AI?

Absolutely. Whether you’re exploring AI for the first time or looking to enhance your existing AI capabilities, iSolutionsAI is here to guide you. Our expertise in custom AI solutions makes us the perfect partner to navigate the complexities of AI integration, ensuring that the technology serves your specific business needs and strategic goals.

What industries does iSolutionsAI serve?

iSolutionsAI has the flexibility and expertise to serve a wide range of industries. Our bespoke approach to AI solution development means we can tailor our services to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of your specific industry, whether it’s healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, or any other sector.

How does iSolutionsAI empower human resources within a business?

We believe in augmenting human capabilities, not replacing them. Our AI solutions are designed to act as an “Ironman suit” for your employees, enhancing their abilities and enabling them to achieve more than ever before. This approach ensures that your team can leverage AI to become more efficient, creative, and productive.

 What is the first step in working with iSolutionsAI?

The first step is a discovery session where we learn about your business, including your people, processes, and the proprietary data that makes you unique. This session helps us understand your specific needs and goals, laying the foundation for a customized AI solution that truly transforms your operations.

 How do you ensure the AI solution is aligned with our business goals?

Our process involves continuous collaboration with your team to ensure that the AI solution we develop is not only technically advanced but also perfectly aligned with your business goals and operational needs. We use insights gained from our discovery session and ongoing feedback to fine-tune the AI implementation, ensuring it delivers the desired outcomes.

Can iSolutionsAI provide a competitive advantage for my business?

Yes. By creating a customized AI solution that leverages your unique business data and methodologies, iSolutionsAI provides a significant competitive advantage. Our tailored approach ensures that your AI implementation is not just a technological tool, but a strategic asset that propels your business forward in the marketplace.

 How long does the process take?

The timeline varies depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Following our initial discovery session, we often suggest small, manageable experiments as a way to provide proof of concept and establish building blocks for your AI implementation. This approach allows us to test and demonstrate the effectiveness of AI solutions in a practical, low-risk environment before scaling up. It ensures that we can move forward efficiently and effectively, developing and implementing your bespoke AI solution in a timely manner without compromising on quality. We provide a detailed timeline and roadmap after our initial discovery session and these initial experiments, tailoring our process to meet your specific needs and goals.

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